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It´s been a while since I showed you my current beauty favorites or new bits in my makeup bag. That’s because I’m trying to use things up instead of buying new stuff …you know, 23 kg weight limit for luggage sounds more than it actually is. And even though an eyeshadow palette doesn’t even weigh one kg …five of them probably do. So that´s why I’m sticking to the same products for the upcoming three months …but, and here comes the guilty “but”… of course, every now and then I can´t resist and a new beauty product finds a home in my makeup bag.


Benefit Brow Zings: If you follow me for quite some time you know that I used to use brow pencils to define my brows. I still love the sharp and defined look when using a pencil …but I just couldn’t get over the fact that I spent a fortune of money on buying a new pencil every three to four weeks. Brow pencils are great but I use them up like crazy. Then I discovered the Brow Zings Brow Powder and Gel Duo by Benefit and this saves me quite a lot of money. It´s a powder on one side and a darker gel texture on the other and for once I even use the little applicator that comes with it. Theres even tiny tweezers included – so basically it´s an first aid brow kit. I have it in shade no. 3 and it´s almost a bit too light for me at the moment – but once my way too dark hair color (it was an at-home DIY disaster – let´s not talk about it ^^) washes out a bit it should fit perfectly.

CHANEL Brow Gel: Don´t know what I was thinking while spending that much on a Brow Gel …it was probably the fact that I was super happy with how much money I would safe now using a brow powder that I thought “hey why not spend the money on a brow gel…” – nevertheless I’m more than impressed with the CHANEL clear Brow Gel. It holds my brows in place like no other but at the same time making them super soft – not sure how it works but it does.

CHANEL Gloss Volume: While we’re at it anyway let’s continue with CHANEL. I haven’t used a clear lipgloss since probably more than 6 years. I always use lipstick or colored gloss but I fancied something more subtle – no color, just my lips, but glossy and not lip balm kind of glossy but real gloss glossy. If you get what I´m trying to say. I went for a classic from CHANEL – it´s a clear plumping gloss with a minty taste and feel on the lips.

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Sleek Highlighting Palette: THIS. PRODUCT. IS. EVERYTHING. – literally. I´m into “in-your-face”-highlighters a lot at the moment. I think it can look very beautiful especially when it reflects sunshine. The Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette consists of four shades. A peachy shade, a pink shade, a lilac creamy shade and a plain yellow/shimmer highlight. The peachy shade is my fave at the moment and I use it daily …which means I love it a lot because I’ve never normally been that kind of  girl who uses highlighter all day every day.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara: So here’s the thing – since the royal wedding I’m obsessed with Meghan Markle. I like her style and the way she does her makeup. It´s fresh, never too much and always perfect. I’ve read somewhere that the Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara was used on her during the Suits filming and she then kept using it herself because she liked it so much. And there we go – I went and bought it right away and I´m loving it. Nothing new on the market but new for me and I’m happy with the purchase.

Benefit Brow Zings // CHANEL Lipgloss // CHANEL Brow Gel // SLEEK Highlighting Palette // Maybelline Mascara



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