Céline Edge Sunglasses:

The Céline Edge Shades – I´ve seen them literally everywhere on instagram. And whenever I forget about them and convinced myself that I don’t need a 100th pair of sunglasses another picture pops up and I want them so badly. Let’s see if/how long I can resist.

Simple black boots:

I want such simple and black boots since Anna from TheAnnaEdit showed them in her capsule wardrobe videos. I can’t remember which brand it was but these bad boys from EDITED look just about right.

The see-through Vinyl bag:

..not the one from Céline, obviously. But I found a way cheaper alternative at MANGO and had to order it right away. It´s already waiting for me to get picked up in April when I’m back home in Germany for a short visit. So basically I can tick it off my wishlist but it has been there since Céline released their version – so I thought I´d mention it anyway.

A mustard colored jumper:

Yellow is starting to grow on me and I’m looking for a jumper which I can wear when the “colder” days here in South Africa start to weasel their way in. I’m looking for something more mustard color rather than bright yellow – found a couple of yellow jumpers at ZARA but I’m still not a 100% sure about it. Need to keep lookin´

The Pichulik Skeleton earrings:

Pichulik is a South African brand and they make the most beautiful jewelry ever. They have a shop in Joburg and in Cape Town and I might have to visit their store and finally get those Skeleton earrings which are on my wishlist for way too long now.


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