IMG_0668I love those polls on instagram because I get to ask what you – my readers – want to see on my blog. And so I asked you guys if you´d be interested in a hair care routine. 81 % said yes, so here we go. Don’t expect something crazy new here but the products I’m showing you are my holy grails and they really manage to tame my rather stubborn hair. The products might not work for you unless you have color treated and frizzy hair that tends to be quite dry like mine.

What else to say about my hair story? Well, my natural hair color is a light almost blonde brown. The past two years I had a balayage done – so lighter brown on the top and proper blonde on the ends. I liked it a lot but I had the feeling it was time to go back to brunette. And this time I went darker, almost black brown and I feel myself more than I have ever before regarding my hair.


Shampoo + Conditioner:
I´ve always wanted to use Kérastase products but never ended up doing because if we´re honest they’re expensive. But from time to time I get this YOLO moment and buy the stuff which is too expensive for what it is – and luckily the products are worth their money in the end. I’m using the Kérastase Reflection shampoo for about three weeks now and I’m obsessed. It´s perfect for my color treated hair and it keeps the color locked in. You need a tiny amount, the scent is divine and what can I say – I’m in love.

For conditioner I’m using the Kérastase Nutritive Lait Vital – which is something between a conditioner and a mask. It restores the softness and silkiness to the hair and giving it a light texture which is much needed when you have as much hair on the head as I have. It´s the perfect addition to the Kérastase shampoo.


Care + Styling:
Right after washing my hair I apply a drop (the tiniest amount ever!) of the Alterna Bamboo Smooth Pure Kendi Oil. Mostly on the ends of my hair and the rest on the other parts of my hair. It tames the frizz without weighing my hair down.

The second and last product is for real the best product I´ve ever ever ever used and I always have a back-up bottle of it in my drawers. It´s the Glynt Malibu Smoothing Cream and never has a product managed to keep my frizz in control even if its rainy or humid outside. But this bad boy does and that’s why I always apply a pea sized amount to my damp hair. I then blow dry it and straighten it and then I apply a second pea sized drop into my dry and styled hair. It keeps the hair soft and straight and I don’t have to worry about my biggest but shortest horror story ever again – frizzy hair.

What are your holy grails for your hair? Let me know – I’m curious if there are more amazing products on the market.


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