A couple of days ago I asked you on Insta what sort of topics you’d like to read about on my blog and a lot of you said “Beauty&Makeup” related stuff would be nice. So here we go, I try to incorporate a bit more beauty content.

If you like to read about my daily makeup routine check this blogpost out. The thing is, it hasn’t changed much. I’m still using the exact same stuff as shown in this previous beauty post. But I’ve purchased three new items which have made it into my daily routine. So this blogpost is kind of a haul, kind of an update on my daily routine and kind of a “what’s new” thing.


I haven’t been into eyeshadow too much lately. I didn’t have the patience to apply it in the morning and I didn’t really enjoy the shades I was using before. Then the beautiful girls from The Daily Dose uploaded a beauty favorites video and both showed a MAC “Times Nine” palette. It´s a tiny palette with nine combinable mostly natural colored shades. I went for the MAC Amber Times Nine Palette – and they are right, you don’t need anything else and these palettes are perfect to travel with. It´s easy and quick to swipe one of the amber hues on my eyelids in the morning and if I’m going out at night I can add a darker shade to the crease and create a smokey eye.


Cheek bones? What am I saying?! – Entire face more likely. I finally gave in and bought the Benefit Hoola Bronzer. I just wanted to know if it really is that good how everyone keeps saying for years and years. And yes, it is indeed. I love my Bobbi Brown bronzer but its just too light for my skin now that I have a bit of a tan (would have never thought that I´d once say that). The Benefit one is intense and it helps to not just bronze the skin but to also contour it.


I have a weakness for lip products – I buy more lipsticks and lipglosses and what not than I can actually use in real life. So I forced myself to use one and the same lipstick for a while and I was happy with MAC Velvet teddy – I still am 100%. But I was craving something lighter, something softer. Something that would flatter the whole amber hues thing which I have going on right now. MAC´s Blankety was exactly what I fancied and is now my softer nude alternative to Velvet Teddy. It´s described as soft pink beige – and that’s exactly what it is.

Let me know if you use any of the shown products or what your go-to items are in the comments below.

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